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August 10, 2017

10 Best Affordable VR Headsets for iPhone in 2017

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream

Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream

Are you an iPhone user?
Are you looking into Virtual Reality?
Are you confused between Android and iOS VR?
If you answered yes to most of these questions this article is for you. The current industry ecosystem may seem confusing to newcomers and a little disjointed.
Nevertheless, have no fear, VU Dream is here, in hopes to clarify some confusion. If you still have any questions feel free to reach out to us on social media or post a comment below.
We regularly receive questions like:
“Is this specific headset is compatible with my iPhone?”
“How do I know if my phone works with this headset?”
This article is targeted at iPhone users in hopes of getting into VR.
We present to you the 10 BEST affordable Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone. Additionally, we’ll break it down for each different version of the iPhone. Whether you have an iPhone 5, or an iPhone 7, we have you covered.
Let’s go!
The U Noton VR Headset is a quality and affordable Virtual Reality Headset for beginners. For only $10 you can become a part of the VR Revolution. This Headset features PMMA Aspherical Lenses, as well as an adjustable Headband. The FOV for this headset is 95 degrees and there is enough room for users with glasses.
U Noton VR Headset on Sale
Extremely Detailed  We make the perfect details both you could see and could not see — 89 groups fittings, 78 assembly processes, tested 130 times in intense drop impact and 72 hours in high/low-temperature impact.
Excellent Heat Dissipation for Your Phone The detachable magnet adsorption front cover and ventilation ports make more thermolysis for phone cooling, greatly enhance the heat dissipation effect for long use.
108 Degrees Wide View Angle You can get a wide viewing angle of 108 degrees when watching movies or play games.
Zebra Black White VR Glasses Headset
The FTLL VR Headset is an advanced mobile VR headset made using Japanese aspheric optical material (anti-distortion). If you are looking for a well built affordable headset, this is the one for you. High quality 42mm optical lens, 3-Way padded Head straps and faux leather fabric & foam.
FTLL VR Headset
  • Material: high quality ABS + PC
  • Dimensions: 170*120*105mm
  • Weight: 330g
  • Visual angle/FOV: 95-100°
  • Image definition: 99%
  • Virtual screen size: 1050 inch from 3 meter distance
  • Lens: high definition spherical surface (optical friendly)
  • Lens size: 42mm
  • Color shading: 0%
  • No NFC for this item.
  • Fits all smartphones between 4.7-6.0″ screen.
MECO VR Headset
The FiiT VR Headset is almost perfect. It features premium leather material with a comfortable spongey design. It is extremely soft and thick which is perfect for prolonged VR use.
FiiT VR Headset
The Arealer VR Headset is one of the best affordable high-quality headsets on the market today. Features High-grade Optical Resin Lens (radiation protection + anti-blue light) & Large FOV. Comes with highly convenient remote on the side powered by Bluetooth.
Arealer VR Headset
The Sleek Ghost VR Headset is a lightweight modern masterpiece of VR technology. It has an FOV range of 90 – 110 degrees making it wider than most VR Headsets in this price range. Adjustable pupil distance for different users. Excellent design with heat dissipation. This Headset is easy to use,  and has comfortable padding around eyes and nose.
Sleek Ghost VR Headset white black orange emerald
  • Custom made VR lenses: 100° FOV
  • Farsightedness and nearsightedness settings
  • Compatible with most recent smartphones (Android & iPhone)
  • Optical settings: IPD and immersion adjustment
  • Interchangeable face contact foam
  • Wireless
The Freefly beyond is a mobile virtual reality headset powered by the smartphone you already own. Transport into worlds beyond your wildest imagination within seconds. No external controller required for most games thanks to the dual Crossfire™ capacitive touch triggers also enabling iPhone VR games to be controlled in-app.


Check back on this page frequently for updates and additions.

We’ve seen a tremendous amount of disruptive change coming from the Virtual Reality Industry. It is surely certain that this kind of content will accelerate based on trends in the future.

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