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December 18, 2017

Top 101+ Women Leading the Virtual Reality (VR) Industry

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream

Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream

Over here at VU Dream we truly believe in the power of virtual reality will fundamentally change the world in the way we know it today. During my journey as a VR explorer, I met many admiral folks making big strides in this new industry.
Upon my arrival in the ecosystem, I noticed a peculiar but impressive aspect I had never seen before. One of the best parts of the VR industry is the amazing community of women that strive every day to build the foundation of virtual reality.
We have a unique moment in history right now to open the doors for everyone to make sure Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) are more friendly to all.
I’ve seen lists for the “Best Women in VR” and those are fine, but we’ve compiled a master list of passionate women who are impacting the metaverse.
Please share this ULTIMATE List of 101+ Women Leading the virtual reality industry.
Ultimate List of 101+ Women Leading VR AR Virtual Reality

Dr. Sana Farid, Co-Founder & CEO of VRXOne

Cathy Hackl, VR Evangelist at HTC, Speaker, Influencer, Marketer

Marisol Grandon, Founder of VRWomen and VR Producer/Director

Nonny de la Peña, Founder/CEO of Emblematic Group, an award-winning VR/AR company

Martina Welkhoff, Founder of Convene VR & Partner at WXR Venture Fund

Malia Probst, Host of Real Virtual Show, Partner at VRScout and WXR Venture Fund

Sanem Avcil, Top 10 VR/AR Influencer

Christine Cattano, Global Head of VR, Executive Producer at Framestore

Elizabeth Baron, Primary VR & Adv Viz Tech Specialist at Ford

Cher Wang CEO HTC

Cher Wang, CEO of HTC

Sarah Hill, Founder of StoryUpStudios XR

Lydia Choy, Lead Designer and Cofounder of Oculus Medium

Taryn Southern, Digital Storyteller and VR/AR Evangelist

Adaora Udoji, Award-winning VR Storyteller

Helen Situ, Creator of Virtual Reality Pop Publication

Amber Roy, Oculus Engineer working on Oculus Go

Amber Osborne, CMO of Doghead Simulations

Mia Tramz, Managing Editor of TIME’s LIFE VR

Laura Hall, “The Virtual Reality Girl”, VR Influencer

Iva Leon

Iva Leon, Co-Founder of TheVRLab and AR/VR Women

Yuka Kojima, CEO of FOVE Headset

Daisy Berns, General Manager at Exit Reality VR

Leen Segers, Co-Founder of LucidW3B

Sarah Jones, Head of BCU School of Media

Samantha Kingston, Founder of Virtual Umbrella

Timoni West, Head of the Authoring Tools Group at Unity

Jenn Duong, immersive director and producer

Lisa Padilla, CEO of NewPathVR

Vanessa Radd, Co-Founder of XR Alliance

Amandine Flachs

Amandine Flachs, Founder of Unfold UK

Maria Korolov, Editor and Publisher of Hypergrid Business

Mary Spio, Founder of Seek VR

Christina Heller, Co-Founder of VR Playhouse

Sophia Dominguez, CEO and Co-Founder of SVRF

Lily Snyder, COO of Doghead Simulations

Lacey Leavitt, CEO of Electric Dream Factory

Clorama Dorvilias, Co-Founder of DebiasVR

Louisa Spring, Founder of SAM immersive

Rachel Franklin, Head of Social VR at Facebook

Amber Cordeaux

Amber Cordeaux, Co-Founder of Women in AR/VR, Australia and Humense

Carli Johnston, Co-Founder of Virtual Method and Women in AR/VR, Australia

Lucie Hammond, CEO and Founder at Diversifly VR

Abby Albright, Co-Founder of The WXR Venture Fund / Women in XR

Brittney Black, Head of VR/AR Business Development at Hulu

Liv Erickson, Engineering Team Lead at High Fidelity

Anna Sweet, Founder & CEO of Octave Nine

Jeri Ellsworth, Founder of castAR

Amy Peck, Founder and CEO of EndeavorVR

Shero Robertson, Founder of Blaze VR/MR


Elizabeth Scott, Social Media Marketing Manager for YI Technology

Catherine Day, Head of AR/VR at m ss ng p eces

Billy Vacheva, Co-Founder of WebVR Incubator

Cas and Chary VR, VR YouTube Content Creators

Jacquie Barnbrook, Founder of Reel Vox and VRiety Shows

Joyce Bettencourt, Founder and VP of AvaCon Inc.

Julie Smithson, COO of MetaVRse

Barbara Lippe, Founder & Creative Director at entreZ XR Entertainment

Jazmin Cano, Marketing & VR Event Coordinator at High Fidelity

Kristin Dragos, Founder of Beazle Bee


Lindsay Preston, Co-Founder and CEO of FlipSnap

Katie Goode, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Triangular Pixels

MeeRa Kim, CEO at Arbor Entertainment

Gunita Kuļikovska, Founder & CEO of VIVIDLY App

Stephanie Llamas, Head Immersive Technology Insights at SuperData Research

Julie LeMoine, Chief Innovation Offier at HorizonIRs

Shannon Ryan, Head of Development, Oculus Story Studio at Oculus VR

Mira Murati, Vice President of Product at Leap Motion

Candice Mizushima, Head of Partner Marketing at AltspaceVR

Lora Feinman, VP of Sales at Jaunt


Mitzi Reaugh, VP of Business Development & Strategy at Jaunt

Linda Itskovitz, VP Global Marketing at Matterport

Stephanie Lyons, Human Resources at Merge VR

Taryn Saavedra, Marketing Director at Merge VR

Jodi Schiller, Founder of New Reality Arts & ARVR Women

Alexandra Etienne, AR/VR Evangelist and Digital Marketing Manager at Lightform

Renee Van den Bosch, Founder and CEO of Codon VR

Jessie Kim, CEO & Co-Founder of Prosper Virtual Reality

Olga Peshé, COO of CEREVRUM

Cy Wise, Studio Director at Owlchemy Labs and Co-Organizer of VR Austin

Seyi Moon

Seyi Moon, COO at Wemersive

Cathy Twigg, Co-Founder of The Rogue Initiative

Sally Kellaway, Founder of VR Women and Non-Gender Binary Group for Australia

Mária Rakušanová, Director of VR, AR and New Media and Former VR Lead at Samsung

Julie Heyde, Co-Founder of VRUnicorns

Liz Edwards, VR Artist in Montreal, Canada

Jennifer Scheurle, Game Design Lead at Opaque Space

Faviana Vangelius von Heijne, CEO of SVRVIVE Studios AB

Karolina Södergrenolina, Founder of Photon Forge

Jenny Nordenborg, CEO , and Co-Founder of Neat Corp and Head of Studio at Glorious Games Group


Milica Zec, Director of Giant & Tree VR

Mariana Acuña-Acosta, CPO & Co-Founder of Opaque Studios

Mary Matheson, Series Director of The Female Planet, by Surround Vision and Google VR

Alexandra Stancu, Co-Founder of Altergaze and VR Director at Nexus London

Jessica Kantor, LA based VR Director and Producer

Nicole Lazzaro, TEDx Speaker and VR Dev at White Rabbit

Erin Pangilinan, Co-Founder of ARVR Academy

Michael Kolchesky, CEO of Visual Solutions 360° in France

Ulrike (Uli) Futschik, COO of of Koncept VR and Freedom360

Eva Hoerth, Greatest VR Event Organizer of all time and Influencer

Yasmin Elayat, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Scatter

Rose Ann Haft, CEO of Lumenora

Leah Bunny, Founder of Virtual Soup and Co-Founder of Real World VR

Jo de Fina, Executive Producer & Founder of The OTTO Empire

Katy Morrison, Owner of VRTOV

Amy Nelson, Senior Experience Designer at ABC R&D

Stephanie Andrews, Creative Director at Liminal VR and PhD Research Artist of VR at RMIT University

Pranee McKinlay, Creative Director at Future State Machine & VR Game Developer

Joanna Popper, Global Head of Location Based Entertainment Virtual Reality at HP

Ryan Pulliam, Co-Founder and CMO of Specular Theory

Jess Engel, Founder & Producer of Crimes of Curiosity

Julia Hamilton Trost, Business Development & Content Partnerships at Google VR/AR

Marcie Jastrow, Head of The Technicolor Experience Center

Yelena Rachitsky, Executive Producer of Oculus Experiences

Karen Kwan, VP of Finance and Operations at Meta

Liz Bogart, Co-Organizer of Non-Gaming VR Meet-up & Marketing Coordinator at Unity

Helen Papagiannis, PhD Augmented Reality Specialist

Deepa Mann-Kler, Founder & CEO of NEON

Sara Lisa Vogl, Co-Founder and CTO of VR BASE

Samantha Wolfe, Co-Founder of PitchFwd Reality and Co-Author of Marketing New Realities

Rori DuBoff, Head of Content Innovation (VR/AR/MR) at Accenture Interactive

Nanea Reeves, CEO and Co-Founder of TRIPP, Inc.

Jacki Morie, VP of Education at Upload VR

Shannon Blake Gans, CEO & Co-Founder New Deal Studios

Jordan Brighton, Founder & CEO of Virtro Entertainment

Nancy Eperjesy, Co-Founder and CEO of Mettle VR

Sophie Wright, Co-Founder and COO at Human Interact

Vanessa Kincaid, Chief Creative Officer of Littlestar

Jacqueline Bosnjak, CEO & Founder of Mach1 Studios


Check back on this page frequently for updates and additions.

We’ve seen a tremendous amount of disruptive change coming from the Virtual Reality Industry. These few years are the first steps towards a prosperous future. It is surely certain that this kind of content will accelerate based on future trends.

Do you think a name is missing on this list? Please comment below 🙂

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