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November 16, 2017

11 Top VR & AR Podcasts Right Now Worth Listening To

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream
Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream
Podcasts are amazing. I believe voice is the next era of greatness for communications media.
Why? Because you can do more than only listen to a podcast. Podcasts have blown up in 2017. Almost everyone I know has started a podcast.
Check out this detailed list of the Best Virtual and Augmented Reality podcasts on the air now. Some of these shows are not VR/AR exclusive.
Note: Podcast list is in alphabetical order.

1. Everything VR & AR Podcast

Everything VR & AR is a weekly podcast covering technologists, enthusiasts, and companies with real world deployments of VR and AR experiences. Learn from interviews with the leaders in gaming, entertainment, productivity, enterprise, social, education, medicine, software, hardware, psychology and more.
The host, Nathan Pettyjohn, has been featured on CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg as a technology entrepreneur. He speaks frequently at industry conferences on VR/AR/MR, location and digital media technologies and how they are transforming business strategies.
Everything VR & AR Podcast VRARA

2. Gunters Universe

This innovative podcast is hosted on VRChat. Gunters Universe is a live talk show in virtual reality with guests from the VR, entertainment and tech industries.
VR Talk Show Gunters Universe

3. Humans 2.0 Podcast

Humans 2.0 is a podcast about moving past the everyday trivialities of the ordinary and talking about things that actually matter in this world. New guest every episode. Subjects of discussion include technology, health, mindfulness, happiness, learning and more.
Hosted by Mark Metry.
Featured VR/AR Guests:


Check out the podcast on YouTube | iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher

Humans 2.0 Podcast VU Dream

4. Mind & Machine

MIND & MACHINE is a weekly interview show with people at the forefront of transformational technologies, futurist ideas and the sociological, moral and philosophical impact of these exponential changes.
We focus on cultural forces and technologies that will transform our world: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT, Space Exploration, Life Extension, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, BioTech, Transhumanism and more.
Mind & Machine Ideas on the Future VR

5. ResearchVR Podcast

What happens when you take three cognitive scientists and throw them in a room? You get the ResearchVR podcast. Discussions include Virtual Reality and Cognitive Research, Industry News, and Design Implications!
Petr, Az, and Chris actively research different aspects of the field, and are involved in various companies related to the topic of VR.
They hope to use their commentary to bridge the gap between news and established science. Breaking down complex topics, discussing the current trends and economical impacts, and views on VR. Tune in and enjoy!
ResearchVR - Dig Deep Virtual Reality

6. REV VR Podcast

Reverend Kyle discusses current Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Also discussed is software and peripherals, and do interviews with gamers, developers, and VR enthusiasts.
Rev VR Podcast

7. The Boost VC Podcast

Join Boost VC’s Founder & Managing Director, Adam Draper, to learn about emerging technology from the tech leaders of today. They discuss startups, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and awesome technology, like bitcoin, virtual reality, AI, robotics, drones, and space (not to mention, superheroes, Pokemon go & harry potter)
Boost VC VR Podcast

8. The Real Virtual Show

Want to discover more about virtual reality and augmented reality? The Real Virtual Show is a talk show focused on all things mixed reality: we have epic conversations with leaders in the exciting VR / AR industry and discover the endless creative, business, entrepreneur, and development possibilities in our exciting new world of mixed reality technology.
Real Virtual Show

9. Voices of VR Podcast

Published three to five days a week (593 episodes) featuring interviews with the pioneering game developers, enthusiasts, and technologists driving virtual reality.
Hosted by Kent Bye, who has traveled to the top VR gatherings around the world since May 2014 to bring you a diverse range of VR perspectives and insights from over 500 makers and seasoned academics.
Kent is a VR developer himself, so his journalism is informed by both his technological expertise as well as a deeply embedded need to uncover best creative practices and social applications.
Kent Bye Voices of VR Podcast

10. VR Roundtable

Founded in 2016, Anthony Norcia and Gary Walkden identified a lacking presence in VR gaming dedicated podcasts. Being enthusiasts themselves, they began a weekly youtube video podcast. After a small handful of episodes, and want to fill out the “roundtable” more,  Steve Bishop joined as a guest and transitioned to full-time host. Since that time VR Roundtable has organically grown to include “Let’s Play” and “Deep Dive” segments.
VR Roundtable YouTube

11. VR Scout’s Podcast

Over 73 packed episodes of metaverse content.
A weekly news wrap-up of the most important stories in virtual reality and augmented reality, featuring a rotating roundtable of VR/AR revolutionaries and hosted by Malia Probst.
Join LIVE every Thursday evening for the participatory video show and audio recording at 7PM PST/10PM EST
VR Scout YouTube


Check back on this page frequently for updates and additions.

We’ve seen a tremendous amount of disruptive change coming from the Virtual Reality Industry. It is surely certain that this kind of content will accelerate based on trends in the future.

You most likely have some other VR ideas that can change the world! Share them with us on social media!

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