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March 8th, 2018

15 Top Augmented Reality (AR) Apps Changing Education

Steven Wesley VR VU Dream

Steven Wesley, VR/AR Contributor

Augmented reality holds an important promise for improving the educational system as a whole: it makes learning a far more engaging experience.

Valeria Maslova, the lead IT specialist for Essay On Time, explains: “Augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays it with new information. That helps students understand the reality that surrounds them. They realize how everything they learn at school is important for their understanding of the real world.”

Let’s see: what AR apps can you use in the classroom? We’ll list 15 options for educators to explore.

Star Walk: Constellation Finder

1. Star Walk: Constellation Finder

This app follows the user’s movement in real-time and allows them to explore the night sky. Your students will discover constellations, stars, and other sky objects. They will learn more about space in the most engaging way.

2. Quiver

This amazing AR app makes coloring much more fun. You can find free pages for printing out at the QuiverVision website. Then, your students can unleash their inner artists and customize them. The app will bring the colored pages to life, giving them a tridimensional, realistic touch.

3. Layar

With this app, your students can scan print materials to turn them into a rich digital experience. They can see magazines, newspapers, and other materials come alive.

4. Dino Park AR+

Dino Park AR provides an augmented reality experience by transporting your students into the prehistoric world. They will add a cool layer to their surroundings and see dinosaurs moving around the classroom. Awesome!

5. Anatomy 4D

All you need is a simple printed image with a human body and this app will allow your students to explore its anatomy through interactive 4D experiences.

6. Elements 4D

Ever wondered how you can make chemistry fun? This app is the answer. All you need is getting the paper or wood blocks provided by DAQRI and the app will bring the elements to life. Your students will see a dynamic, 4D representation of each element. Plus, they can combine two elements together to see a presentation of the chemical reaction that occurs when they are combined in nature.

7. Google Translate

You probably didn’t know that Google Translate had AR features, too! All you need to do is point the device towards an object that displays a word and you’ll get a real-time translation.

8. Our Discovery Island: Phonic Tricksters

Only your students can save the English language! Tricksters who escaped from Our Discovery Islands and are stealing letters from the English Bank of Phonemes. Your students will chase the phonic tricksters and improve their understanding of phonics along the way.

9. Virtuali-Tee

This app uses a t-shirt which makes learning about human anatomy more fun than ever. You just point the device to different parts of the t-shirt (the human body) and it will help you explore the human physiology and anatomy.

10. AR-3D Science

You can download trackers from the links provided in the app and bring science to life for your students. With AR-3D science, you can explore concepts from physics, biology, and chemistry. Just point the device to the tracker and you’ll see 3D objects on its screen.

11. AR Freedom Stories

This app explores the global migrations of African people through a storytelling approach. You’ll use flashcards to

unlock the world of augmented reality through the mobile device.

12. AR Flashcards Space Lite

These AR flashcards make planetary objects interesting for elementary school students. Kids just point their devices to the flashcards and see beautiful 3D planetary objects on the screen. Students can interact with the objects and hear lots of interesting facts if they just tap the info button.

13. Chromville

This educational game takes your students into a world of 3D adventures. You’ll need to print out some pages and your students will pain them. Next, they will come alive thanks to this app. The ancient world of Chromville, placed in a galaxy far, far away, will certainly get the attention of your students.

14. Fetch! Lunch Rush

This app takes your students math practice to a whole new level. The students have to keep up with lunch orders, so they will have to think fast and implement their basic math skills to play the game.

15. Magicplan

Your students will love measuring thanks to this app. They just take a picture and view the space in 3D. The app will collect the dimensions hence help your students grasp the concept of area, volume, and surface.

There are so many AR apps to choose from! The good news is that you can’t make a mistake with any of the options described above. Make your pick and start transforming learning into an exciting experience for your students!


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We’ve seen a tremendous amount of disruptive change coming from the Virtual and Augmented Reality Industry. These few years are the first steps towards a prosperous future. It is surely certain that this kind of content will accelerate based on future trends.

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