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5 Accelerators for Funding your VR Startup

Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream

March 13, 2017

1. Boost VC

Boost VC believes that Virtual Reality is poised to become the third major technology in the past 20+ years that will change how we live and work.
Like the World Wide Web Browsers of the 1990s and the Smartphones of the 2000s, Virtual Reality or VR, will change how we consume information and entertainment, communicate, express and share creatively, conduct business, even (and perhaps especially) how we learn.
That future, while not too distant, is not here yet. VR has existed in concept and in practice for decades, but only in the past few years and specifically in the past 12 months has the technology and capital converged in a way that makes mainstream adoption possible. 2016 will see the consumer release of a great number of devices and a greater number of experiences.
Undeniably, 2016 is V1, but the rapid pace of change, increased performance, better form factors, and the rise of Augmented and Mixed Reality combined with massive investment from the largest corporations and venture capitalists on earth (plus those glorious AH HA moments) point to certain permanence of VR in our lives.
The next great virtual reality companies are being conceived, funded, and built today. Right now.
Boost VC is proud to be on the forefront of this revolution. We have funded 34 VR companies, making us the most active investor in the space. We have expended tremendous energy to create a wide network of entrepreneurs, investors, industry professionals, and media all bent on forcing the inevitable rise of VR to happen now.
Currently, we are looking to find and fund those brave startups with the vision to see the future. We are especially excited about companies that are creating tools to make VR creation easier, companies that are building social experiences (both collaborative and asynchronous), and companies that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with VR in education and training
Most of all, we are looking for companies that are creating things that are only possible because of this new medium. Join Us.



The next VRVCA Investment meeting will be held in San Francisco in April 2017. The application deadline is March 31st, so apply today!
Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance (“VRVCA”) fosters long-term growth in the VR industry through identifying, sharing and investing in the world’s most innovative & impactful VR technology and content companies.
Formed in 2016, the VRVCA is a close-knit membership comprised of 47 of the top Virtual Reality Investors in the world. The alliance believes that VR is a transformative technology that will revolutionize entire industries. To achieve that dream, they are working to ensure that VR startups today get the resources they need, so that they can grow into the industry titans of tomorrow.


For the past two years, COLOPL has focused attention on the potential of VR and pursued research and development in this field. Currently, several dozen developers are assigned to VR games development in COLOPL.
Also, COLOPL has established a subsidiary that specializes in 360-degree video and is focusing resources on the VR video field.
COLOPL is committed to making up-front investments in VR and is launching a US$50 million fund.
COLOPL invests in:
  • HMDs (Head-Mounted Display)
  • VR Content
  • Development tools & Equipment
  • Distribution Platforms
  • Input Devices

4. Samsung NEXT


We provide pre-seed and seed startups with investment, co-located workspace, deep domain expertise, a strong mentor and alumni network, access to Samsung leadership and resources, and the connections to help you raise your next round.
Our Entrepreneur-in-Residence program is a build focused, 6 to 18-month engagement where EIRs have access to talent, insights, and resources, as well as fixed funding to rapidly create their own product. Products that gain traction have potential to receive additional rounds of funding and ultimately spin-out or be acquired by Samsung.
Unlike typical start-up life, we bring together a rich collective of experienced entrepreneurs, operators, and builders who draw upon each other’s expertise, networks, and interests. Because our startups are not competing against each other at demo days or funding events, they are motivated to collaborate, share opinions, and act as extended mindshare for each other.
Samsung NEXT

5. Presence Capital

Presence Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) startups, launched today as the first VC firm focused solely on early-stage VR and AR companies. The firm’s aim is to create a healthy pipeline of startups to fuel innovation, creativity and forward movement within the emerging VR and AR markets.
“We’ve seen time and time again from our previous endeavors that anytime there’s a platform shift, multi-billion dollar companies are created,” said Amitt Mahajan, managing partner at Presence Capital. “Our goal is to be early to support and empower exceptional entrepreneurs that share our vision and enthusiasm about VR and AR as the next major platform shifts.”
The firm also announced it has had it’s first closing in its inaugural fund of $10 million and has kicked off its initial investments with VR and AR companies including Harmonix (makers of the game Rock Band), Baobab (story and character-driven cinematic experiences in VR), Waygo (Automatic translation of Asian languages to English), among other unannounced companies.
Presence Capital


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