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January 18, 2018

Candy Coaster is the BEST Virtual Reality (VR) Roller Coaster

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream

Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream

Like most of you, I love exploring virtual reality games and experiences on my Samsung Gear VR.
Unfortunately, it seems like many VR roller coaster rides use the same concepts as all the others. Which is why when I run across a game that is genuine and authentic I like to share it.
My first impression of turning on the experience for the first time is the cinematic music and impressive interactive characters.
Once you start the coaster you will be immediately mesmerized by the magical characters and impressive landscape. Candy Coaster by Timeloop is one of the best-looking roller coasters in the Samsung gear virtual reality market today.
Imagine a world made of candy, rainbows, and floating Islands with dancing cute dragons, panda, and cats!
If you are bored of all the other VR roller coasters then this exciting candy virtual reality coaster is for you.
After enjoying this wondrous experience, I tried to contact its creators – Timeloop Technologies Private Limited and got a warm response from them.
I sat down with one of the creators of Candy Coaster, Hardik Dubal, Director and Business Manager to ask a few questions about their new release. 
1. Where did the idea for Candy Coaster originate?
When we were first exploring VR concepts that we would create for Timeloop’s first product, Parth (The other Director) and I searched the Internet about VR content that VR users were demanding. We concluded that people were really searching for Horror and Roller Coaster experiences. Initially, we did try for a Horror concept and also wrote a decent story but given that we were new to VR it felt that developing a Roller Coaster experience was more within our grasp. We created a “Space Coaster” very quickly and tried to launch it on GearVR. However, the app wasn’t approved. After analyzing the reasons for this failure, we concluded that a roller coaster experience that was a bit less intense in terms of speed, twists, and turns was more likely to be approved on GearVR. Another thing we concluded was that people would cherish the experience more if it reflected Happy and Joyous atmosphere. It is one of the reasons why there are many amusement parks all over the world. We then tried a few concepts reflecting upbeat mood and finally settled for a Roller Coaster experience set in a world made of Candies, Cakes and inhabited by Cute Creatures. 
2. What inspired you to jump in the VR industry for your first game?
Back in Nov 2015 when Parth and I worked as freelance game programmers, we attended a Game Development conference in India. There we experienced Virtual Reality for the first time using Oculus DK1. It was an overwhelming introduction to VR. From that moment, we were convinced that VR had a great potential in terms of Video Gaming and Interactive Storytelling! Apart from this, the fact that being an early Top Quality Content Creator over a platform that was surely here to stay seemed a worthy reason to jump into VR industry.
3. Do you think it’s a risk to jump in VR for your first game?
We believe that first product in any industry would be a risk. Yes, an emerging technology has its fair share of dead-ends but similarly, every other gaming platform has its own set of challenges or aspects that founders may not have experienced. When you are trying to build a company you have to keep up with challenges. So basically we think it would be risky for us to make our first game for any platform.
4. What distinguishes your game, Candy Coaster apart from other Coaster VR games?
When The VR Shop reviewed Candy Coaster, they said:
“There are probably hundreds of VR rollercoaster apps you can download and many of them are the same themes over and over again. Candy Coaster decides to bring something new for people to look at and has one of the most magical filled VR coaster rides you will ever see.”
This is exactly what we aimed at from the outset. We created a bright, colorful world; added life to it; carefully created a smooth Roller Coaster ride and then adjusted the events in the world in such a way that there is always something or the other happening in user’s view no matter which way they are looking while traveling through the ride. Finally, we added a jolly, upbeat & finely tuned music according to user’s motion as a finishing touch. I think a lot of Roller Coasters in VR currently are not built by this approach. It seems, they take up a pre-made Roller Coaster track and put it in some thematic surroundings (mostly dark or horror in order to suit the high-speed intensity). So perhaps, it is the approach in the way it is built that sets it apart from its peers.
5. What are your future plans for Candy Coaster?
We would love Candy Coaster to turn into a Candy Themed Virtual Amusement Park! As of now, we have already delivered an update wherein we added a Gallery section which allows you to enjoy the beauty of Candyland through handpicked 360-degree photos. We might add interesting short 360-videos from Candyland into the gallery as well. As the next major update, we are planning to add a ride through the Candyland on the back of Wyvern – one of the cute dragons in Candyland! Apart from all of that, we want to reach a wider user base so we are planning to take it over to iOS, Daydream, Vive, and PlayStore in that order! That’s the short-term plan at the moment.


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We’ve seen a tremendous amount of disruptive change coming from the virtual reality Industry. These few years are the first steps towards a prosperous future. It is surely certain that this kind of content will accelerate based on future trends.

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