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August 24, 2017

Check out this Snap-on 360 Battery-free Camera for the iPhone at only $40

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream
Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream
When I first heard of this I was completely amazed. I will be purchasing one of these in September.
Not everyone can afford a thousand dollar 360 camera. These high price point barriers act as boundaries for mainstream VR content creation which ultimately end up impacting the consumer.
All you need is $40 and an iPhone. Sold.
NoMatterWhat 360 Cam for iPhone
Available today, a small startup Spincle Inc. just announced a new optical accessory that enables you to shoot 360 with 6K image quality at the price of $39.99. It’s a breakthrough in 360 photography which the price is drastically reduced to 1/10 of many 360 devices on the market.
NoMatterWhat is a super lightweight product which is designed for everyday use. Weighing only 30-gram without any electrical components inside, it’s the best gadget for a new-angle selfie. It’s also the perfect companion for travel. Take 360 snapshots during your trip and let your followers explore your entire journey. You may shoot stunning 360 everywhere.
The mysterious technology of the hardware is a lens system that introduces ultra-wide range of light ray from the surrounding precisely hit on the iPhone CMOS. It brings an iPhone camera 220-degree field of view.
By using both front and rear cameras of your iPhone, NoMatterWhat lets you shoot everything around you. All you have to do is simply snap it on your iPhone, open the app, and you can shoot everything by a single touch from your fingertip.
NoMatterWhat app synchronizes image quality of sources captured from different cameras. The killer app stitches images in real-time and makes it instantly ready for social sharing. Besides stunning 360 photos, the app will be enhanced to support 360 videos and live-broadcasting by the end of the year. Full function will be ready by just updating the app.
nomatterwhat Snap on Camera
Features of NoMatterWhat:
  • GRAB-AND-GO: Battery-free and lightweight design offer hassle-free experience. Just grab and go.
  • CONNECTION-FREE: No wifi or bluetooth connection needed. Snap it on your iPhone and launch the app. It’s all set and you’re ready to shoot.
  • HIGH IMAGE QUALITY: 6K image resolution for stills. Capture the best moment and share with friends with perfect result.
Everything is under your iPhone camera. With the disruptive lens system, NoMatterWhat fully utilizes iPhone native cameras in your pocket and brings you the joy of 360 photography. It is an irresistible accessory if you already own an iPhone. It is a great selfie tool for casual shooting.
You don’t have to worry about the camera angle before the shot as you can control how broad you want your perspective after capturing it. For a group photo, you don’t have to bring along a selfie stick with you. Just tell your friends to come together, everyone can be captured easily. From a perfect selfie to a funny group photo, capturing everything is easy and carefree.
Pre-order opens for 1 month until 22 Sep 2017 available worldwide. NoMatterWhat is priced at 39.99 USD for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Please visit www.nomatterwh.at for details.


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