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March 9th, 2018

Designing for Virtual Reality: Best VR Painting and Modeling Tools

Davor Gasparevic VR VU Dream

Davy, Senior Writer and Editor

It’s been a while now since Virtual Reality developers started exploring further from just video games and visual entertainments. In that search, they have enlarged the VR creative field creating many apps that will let your imagination run loose and happy inside incredible 3D spaces.

Designing for VR Best VR Painting and Modeling Tools

Out of all these artistic tools for VR, some of the best are:

Medium by Oculus

This super immersive VR app lets you experience painting and sculpting like no other. With Medium, any creative or professional artist will be able to model, color, draw, and paint with the help of the Oculus Touch controllers which, once bought, let you activate the app for free.

If you already own the controllers, the app can be purchased for $29.99. Its best feature? The ability to connect people to the app in real time, meaning that you can collaborate with friends either on your VR space or theirs.

A-Painter by Mozilla

A-Painter is a free art VR app developed by Mozilla and, as anything their team creates, it’s open-sourced which means that whatever the app can’t provide, you can always create and share it yourself.

What’s even best is that it needs no software to be installed as it runs directly on VR compatible browsers and is both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift-ready. This app will also have support for upcoming Vive and Rift models so make sure to get the right one before modeling.

Masterpiece VR

Masterpiece is a one-of-a-kind VR app that offers lots of unique features that you won’t be able to resist. For example, it has a multi-user interface that lets up to 4 people be connected at the same time in the same space, allowing you to collaborate all together.

Likewise, it has spectator-mode availability, and it transforms files into specific formats that make it possible to print your 3D models into real objects.

Gravity Sketch VR

This London-based app is a vital software for anyone who wants to create professional 3D models. An impressive tool, Gravity Sketch gives you multi-functionality and it lets you import files you’ve made on your desktop, edit them in 3D, or maybe even finishing them off on your mobile.

The Gravity Sketch VR app can be bought on their official website at different prices as it sells certain packages according to what you’ll be using it for.

Quill by Story Studio

This art software by Story Studio has been exclusively created for Oculus and can be downloaded for free with the Touch controllers purchase. Otherwise, it can be bought for $29.99, a great price once you experience all you can do with this powerful app.

Quill is as intuitive as a room-sized canvas can offer you, and it lets users express themselves through creative tools like watercolor brushes, pencil strokes, oil paintings and more, with precision and quality. Perfect for designers and painters.

Tilt Brush by Google

Tilt is a VR app released by Google that allows you to create in 3D spaces. It gives you the opportunity to transform the place you are at into a life-sized painting. Tilt offers a bunch of features such as dynamic brushes and an easy-to-use interface that anyone can intuitively understand.

The countless brushes styles go from smoke to fire and lightning, and it has a built-in video streaming for YouTube. Similarly, with Tilt, you’re able to walk around your art and even import 3D models and images.

Blocks by Google

The Tilt equivalent for modeling is Blocks, a free VR software also made by Google that gives users the chance to generate 3D geometrical art easily. Blocks lets you manipulate points, edges, and planes thus creating models of any size in a Low-Poly style.

With a total of six tools, you’ll be able to let your imagination free and make volumetric pieces of art with this new, 3D version of Paint.


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