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November 21, 2017

DJ Enrique Marin is Creating VRhythm, First VR Music Headset

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream
Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream
No matter how small or large a technological attempt may be, it’s still an attempt. One of Latin America’s fastest growing DJ’s, Enrique Cadena Marin is launching a VR project.
DJ Enrique Marin is Creating VRhythm, First VR Music Headset
Virtual reality may be a tool that helps us step into new worlds, but soon it could also help us step to the beat of a rhythm as well.
Currently, in its development stages, the VRhythm, a VR headset geared toward music fans may reshape how artists and their audiences listen, visualize, and relate to EDM and performance art.
VRhythm seeks to offer users an immersive, virtual artwork and experiences to enhance EDM playlists and live performances both at home and at public events. A lightweight model will allow fans to immerse themselves in virtual environments and music videos as EDM playlists.
Extremely sparse details were included in the original source of the information. No word on technical specifications or capabilities.
In mid-2015, DJ Enrique Cadena Marin conceived the idea while crafting visuals for his DJ sets. Yearning to immerse fans into an euphoric, but also escapist atmosphere, he decided to innovate trance-like Tero Dancehall remixes and rhythms.
In partnership with software developers and tech engineers Jorge Brewer and Marc Duran, DJ ECM hopes it can help audiences feel fully embraced by his music.
“The genre I created, TeroDancehall, was shaped around the idea of an ambient, spiritual awakening for my listeners. VRhythms is an artistic component bred from this need to philosophically allow my fans to experience EDM in a totally different visual element. Hopefully, it will help fans feel more alive when listening to my, or any other EDM artists music.”
– DJ Enrique Cadena Marin
The innovation is expected to be released in the United States by the early fall of 2018 if testing stages run according to schedule.
The VR market is growing, especially amongst the gaming and entertainment niches. PwC expects that VR will be one of the fastest-growing segments in entertainment and media with a projected $5 billion value by 2021.
More people in every industry need to get involved in virtual reality and create products. Experts in the music industry know what people want from music in VR.
More details on the emerging VRhythm headset are being kept mum by its creators. But, it’s development is an exciting step forward for Enrique who expects the innovation will help build a wider network of fans and it can help give new meaning to both the performance and art of EDM and continue to grow the community.


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