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Dr. Phil’s Virtual Reality Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Tool

Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream

March 15, 2017

Technology is awesome.
I think the best thing about VR is expanding its use to help people.
The acceleration of Virtual Reality is growing larger everyday. More people are experiencing the phenomenon of virtual reality.
If you read our articles you would know that VR has enabled Doctors to inspect their patient’s organs. Other uses include saving a baby’s life, treating dementia, and combating racism and sexism.
Dr. Phil has created “Path to Recovery” a Virtual Reality program. This new powerful tool purpose is to combat drug & alcohol addiction.

What is Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery?

Path to Recovery is a VR program in which individuals at drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities can talk to Dr.Phil face-to-face. (And, if you ask anyone who has ever been seated across from him, they’ll tell you it was quite a wake-up call!)

What does the program entail?

There are two components to the exercises in this program. First, you’ll have a virtual “sit-down” with Dr. Phil, during which you will learn the keys to identifying and achieving the kind of life you want. You’ll leave these sessions feeling as though you had an eye-opening and insightful conversation about your life with Dr. Phil. There’s an in-depth workbook component that will help you hone in on specific aspects of your life and way of thinking. You’ll then discuss your answers with facility counselors.


How is this program different from a traditional drug or alcohol rehabilitation program?

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery is not a stand-alone recovery program. It is an enhancement to in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Designed for those struggling with addiction, it represents the culmination of more than four decades of experience Dr. Phil has working in the mental health profession and addiction recovery. The program is meant to help people confront all the problems in their life (not limited to addiction), identify the causes, and start working toward permanent solutions

What virtual reality technology does it use?

The field of VR is growing and gaining popularity as the technology evolves. Our team has identified VR headsets that deliver the most realistic and comfortable experience for users, and as the technology changes, we will continue to use the best products on the market

Where can I experience Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery for myself?

You can experience this program only at one of these excellent rehabilitation facilities.  
Check out Dr. Phil’s Rehab program here.


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