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November 6, 2017

Experience and Interact with your Drawings in Virtual Reality (VR)

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream
Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream
Imagine that you could high five a mermaid that you colored only moments ago. With Imagine VR, you can do just that.
IF Interactive launched its latest venture into the world of technology, Imagine VR, on Kickstarter with a $35,000 funding goal.
Imagine VR is an innovative art product that combines a virtual reality app and coloring books. With the Imagine VR app – available on a smartphone device, the included goggles, and one of the two coloring books, consumers can capture beautiful, visually stunning effects that jump right off the page.
Imagine VR features a coloring book option for both children and adults. Designed for adults, “Imagine Atlantis” is reinventing the legend of the sunken city. With 40 pages of beautiful, visually spectacular images to choose from, users can take themselves to the infamous city under the sea to interact with fish and mermaids from the comfort of their home.
Imagine Book VR
For children, Imagine VR created “Quest of the Marine Star.” Featuring six fun games, the Quest of the Marine Star is both fun and interactive. The 30-page book is beautifully crafted to tell a story and encourages kids to use their imagination to protect the marine worlds from enemies at sea and help mermaids collect stars.
Coloring is an incredible brain stimulator for both adults and children. It has the power to calm nerves, reduce stress and more. With Imagine VR, users are not only stimulating their mind through art, but also through an interactive virtual reality experience that is truly unlike any other.
“My team and I are pioneers in the Virtual Reality and Art field. We position Imagine VR as a true merging of art and VR technology. It is based on the tradition of coloring which has experienced a resurgence in recent years. We have successfully mixed this art tradition with advanced VR technology. Imagine VR lets users experience a visual spectacle beyond their imagination.” 
– CEO, Hay Young
Imagine VR allows adults to destress and take a step away from everyday responsibilities and encourages children to explore their imaginations, introducing both to an incredibly interactive 3-D world.
Imagine Book VR

Imagine VR is now available on Kickstarter. To learn more or to back the campaign, visit bit.ly/iVR_KS.


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