It’s time to make Virtual Reality Accessible to Everyone.
On our launch day, December 16th we made it a Company goal to get VR in every household on the planet. Some say this is ambitious and impossible, however with enough work and determination anything is possible. VU Dream is offering an introductory beginner level Google Cardboard VR kit for free to anyone that lives in this world.

In order to keep VU Dream operating, we will not be able to cover shipping fees by shipping carriers. However, shipping should only cost $2-6 depending on your geographic location. This is an extremely limited offer and will only be available until supplies last. We are doing out best to supply everyone.

Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks due to the increased demand of Free VR Headsets.

Program Information



No wires. Simply, assemble the headset and put your phone in the device and enjoy an immersive experience.


Anyone from around the world can pick up this device for free (other than shipping)


It’s our first step to bring the world closer to a VR-enabled world.


"A Little Progress Every Day Adds Up To BIG Results." - SATYA NANI



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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers regarding VU Dream’s Free VR Program.

Q: When does the Free VR program end?

A: We honestly don’t know. We would like for this to be a permanent program but it depends on many factors such as limited supplies and availability. In life, the best time to do anything is now.

Q: How can VU Dream afford this?

A: We sell other VR Headsets that help offset the difference.

Q: I ordered a Free VR Headset. How long until I get it?

A: Estimated Arrival is 2 – 4 weeks.

Q: Why can’t you pay for shipping?

A: We would absolutely love to if we could. Unfortunately, since we are still in the startup phase we cannot afford paying for shipping as well as the VR Headset. In the future, we are looking to fully pay for shipping.

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