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Selling your old devices can be challenging, as so many factors can affect the price. What edition is it? How old is it? Is anything wrong with it? Not only will you need to fully dissect the phone’s marketability, but you’ll also need to know the best places to sell.

Thankfully, we have defined the many things to be aware of when trying to sell your old cell phone for the best possible price.

Determine Your Phone’s Worth

Naturally, the brand and age of the phone you are attempting to sell is imperative to its market value. Your Razor phone from 2005 might have made you the coolest girl in town way back when, but isn’t guaranteed to rack up a pretty penny these days.

The newest smartphones are naturally going to be worth the most. This is due to the fact they are not only technologically the most advanced, but also because they have become so normalized and relied upon in society today that they are far more in demand than any other kind.

Something else to keep in mind is that an unlocked phone (a phone compatible with any network) is worth more than one that isn’t unlocked. Learning how to unlock iPhones is a simple step you can take to maximize profits.

Determine Its Condition

Plenty of factors can come into play when it comes to technological condition. After all, both hardware and software need to be attended to, and damage to either can easily affect the value of your phone.

Impaired hardware is one characteristic that buyers will notice immediately. Scratched up sides, damaged USB or charging ports, and (particularly) broken screens are all big red flags for the majority of used phone purchasers.

As far as handling software goes, any glitches or malfunctions you have experienced should be attended to as best as you can before it is sold, regardless of whether the issue was largely dysfunctional or simply inconvenient. Additionally, if you are going to give your phone away, be sure to rid it of all its memory and storage beforehand—we tend to keep a lot of information on our phones, and it is extremely important to keep said information confidential.

Be sure to take it to a technician if you’re ever unsure of an issue or how to correct it. Some problems such as easily depleted battery usage may seem like software troubles but are actually hardware, as the battery would just need replacing. That is why, if you ever run into an obstacle, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional.

Choose a Platform to Sell Your Phone

Once you have gone through the motions of analyzing your device, it becomes a matter not of what but of where. Thanks to the internet, there are more options than ever on which to sell your mobile phone.

If you are more concerned with getting rid of it than you are racking up a hefty profit from it, you can trade in your old phone to your provider or manufacturer. Verizon, T-Mobile, and Apple all offer modest trade-in values. If your endeavors are heavily reliant on payment, you’ll want to set your own price on a site like eBay, Craigslist, or Glyde, an online marketplace specifically for used phones.

Last Considerations

Selling your old phone is a far more viable option than many give it credit for. Whether for parts or the whole phone, its architecture is still valuable for a multitude of uses, no matter its form or function. Many companies, websites, and apps allow and encourage the reselling of old phones for repurposing said devices.

As long as you take thorough, genuine inventory of the phone you have to work with, these suggestions should help you make better money off of it. Even if your old phone is no longer valuable to you, it will be to somebody else, and you can use the money you make to buy a better more advanced phone.