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October 7, 2017

How to Help Children Undergoing Chemotherapy with Virtual Reality (VR)

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream
Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream
Children diagnosed with cancer is a truly tragic sight. I’m sure you know someone that has had cancer. Not too happy, right?
I ran across this story this morning and it gave me the opportunity to help some unfortunate children living with cancer.

Introducing Arcadian Dream: An Escape from Pediatric Cancer.

The goal is to create a simple, yet intuitive, virtual reality (VR) gaming experience for children who are undergoing chemotherapy and similar cancer treatments.
Arcadian DReam VR Kids Cancer
The main premise for this project is a fun environment in which pediatric patients can escape the stress from being in a hospital environment.
Big Blue Crowdfunding want to improve the patient’s quality of life and create a distraction from the hospital environment. While in our VR world, the patients would be able to explore, play games, communicate with others and have fun.
This VR experience will allow children to be more psychologically comfortable during treatments. This has the potential to open many doors in the realm of clinical VR research to improve patients’ quality-of-life.
Arcadian Dream VR Hospital Cancer
The organization plans to provide the VR gaming experience for free to local hospitals, as well as cancer centers across the country.
Nathan Stevens, who is the media officer for the UK College of Communication and Information, has worked extensively with virtual reality in the college’s Co-Lab, a technology usability lab where students and faculty work together to test emerging technologies.
“The game will be simple, but engaging, transporting children from the hospital to another world. We’re just wanting to take their minds off the disease and treatment for a few minutes. This is a completely non-profit venture and we plan to offer the VR gaming experience free of charge to local hospitals and elsewhere once we’re finished.”
– Nathan Stevens


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