Spread the VR Love

Happy Holidays everyone! Some of you celebrate Christmas, others don’t, it doesn’t matter – VU Dream is an international community, and we would like on this occasion to wish everyone peace, love, health, and happiness. May magic fill your days and all your dreams come true this holiday season.

Today VU Dream would like to present something very special – something that we think can benefit everyone in a very practical process. Public speaking. Some of us are great at it, others not so much. We’ve shown you all the many ways virtual reality can change everyone’s lives but this is something you can start doing today. All you need is a VR Headset and a free application called VirtualSpeech (available on Google Play, App Store, Oculus). VU Dream and VirtualSpeech have teamed up to bring you all with the ultimate public speaking solution. Here are some of the features available:

High-Quality Environments.
Various photo-realistic environments, including large conference rooms and smaller meeting rooms.

Load in your Slides.
Add images to the virtual conference room with you so you can practice for your upcoming event.

Animated Audience.
We green screened a load of our friends and added them to the virtual world for a realistic audience.

Voice Record – coming soon.
Users can record their own voice and play it back to themselves to identify areas to improve.

Surround Sound.
Our public speaking and interview app immerses you in 360 sound using the new Oculus audio SDK.

Interview Practice.
Learn to answer various interview questions in front of a panel of people and get your dream job.

You can watch this video below to check out how this free app works.