Spread the VR Love

Virtual Reality will Disrupt how Engineers work and train in jobs around the world.

Design & Development:

    • 3D CAD Environment: shape interactions – pull, twist, spin, etc.
    • Live Cooperation: Multiple engineers can work at the same time.

“Instead of doing engineering by PowerPoint or spreadsheets, we’re all looking at the same thing”

– Elizabeth Baron, a VR and Advanced Visualization specialist at Ford

Prototyping: VR will save time & money.

    • Test prototypes in VR space without manufacturing expensive prototypes.
    • Many companies like BMW, Ford, and Boeing use this.

Architecture: Reducing time and costs & Increasing Safety

    • VR allows a user to inhabit spaces in three dimensions virtually.
    • VR will render 2d paper drawings futile.
    • Run simulations. e.g. Test emergency exit systems to understand how someone can exit the building realistically.