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March 1st, 2018

Play Any Game in VR on Your Phone with CLOVR

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream

Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream

If you follow this media site, you should know we love everything virtual reality. But, we can’t deny there are plenty of issues in the industry as of right now.

PriceDoes affordable VR exist? Sure, but it’s not the greatest use of virtual reality. This will get better over time but for now, this poses a serious appeal problem for consumers.

Content. You might have heard of some great VR games like Shooty Fruity or Resident Evil. However, most of the VR native content is still in early access and allow for a minimal amount of gameplay hours.

Which is why, I’m glad to introduce you all to the next latest application that will bring VR to the masses, CLOVR.

CLOVR Play any Game in Virtual reality Kickstarter

CLOVR is a simple mobile app that transforms any PC game into a VR-Ready game coming soon to Kickstarter on March 6th!

I’m excited about CLOVR because you don’t need any advanced hardware, making virtual reality gaming accessible and affordable for everyone. Unlike other failed attempts, CLOVR offers a promising experience of wireless VR gaming at 60 fps!

If your PC is capable of running the game, CLOVR is able to turn that into virtual reality. CLOVR uses GPU image retargeting and advanced encoding to transform PC games (without VR support) into VR-ready format.

CLOVR uses multithreading to improve the performance of the data transformations. Through the app, existing PC gaming content is converted into stereoscopic view (VR mode) and transmitted to your phone. Wired gaming is a thing of the past with CLOVR’s WiFi integration.


Mostly all older PC games do not have VR support. That’s why CLOVR exists—to bridge the gap and bring existing PC games into virtual reality.

CLOVR is designed to utilize your phone’s inbuilt gyroscope to support 3DOF (3 degrees of freedom) head tracking.

CLOVR is a passion project out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from a dedicated team of enthusiastic developers and marketers. I sat down with the team behind CLOVR trying to push the boundaries of the virtual reality industry for all to enjoy.

CLOVR virtual reality Team

Where did the idea for CLOVR come from?

“Wouldn’t it be cool if we could play all those old PC games like Counter Strike and Left4Dead in VR?”

– Lee Chun, Co-Founder and Lead Developer at CLOVR


“The idea for CLOVR stemmed from 2 experiences:

1. The frustration of having to invest highly into a tech that is still fairly unknown (for both as a consumer and developer)

2. The imagination of what VR tech can do since we were kids. It all started as an experiment to see if we could somehow simulate a VR environment using basic video content and it eventually grew into something more as we discovered possibilities of interaction with the tech – since then, we never looked back.”

– Jan Wong, Business Development at CLOVR


How do you think the VR industry will be impacted by CLOVR?

CLOVR targets a very different segment of the market compared to brands like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. What we are trying to establish with CLOVR is an alternative and more affordable VR solution. All in all, CLOVR will broaden the potential for the VR gaming industry and make VR gaming more accessible—giving users an opportunity to try VR gaming for the very first time.”

– Gan Yong, Founder and CTO at CLOVR


“I hope that CLOVR will cause a ripple in the VR industry, where not only performance is taken into account. Rather, in the future we’ll be seeing VR developers coming up with VR solutions for the masses, and made available to the masses. It’s time for VR to lose its niche proposition and become the norm.”

– Jeremy Ng, Marketer at CLOVR


Why should people fund your project on Kickstarter?

“This Kickstarter project is just the beginning of a movement; it’s something bigger than ourselves. As we embark to prove that there is a need and demand for lower barrier VR solutions, we hope this sparks off new opportunities for experiences for both consumers and developers to increase the adoption rate of VR globally, by the masses.”

– Jan Wong, Business Development at CLOVR

“We are not only for gaming. CLOVR thrives on our unique technology to bring VR to every person and entity, without a hefty price tag. If you imagine with us, the use cases for this seamless technology allows for gaming, showcasing real estate, interior design, movies, on-boarding and much more. Backing us on Kickstarter will help us launch CLOVR to the world and make way for greater discoveries & applications of VR.”

– Daryll Tan, Business Development at CLOVR


Do you think it’s a risk to join an early industry such as VR?

“VR as an industry has been around for more than a decade now but has never really taken off commercially, primarily due to the high barrier of entry which requires high technical requirements, cost, and operational competencies. However, what if we can lower all 3 factors significantly by utilizing what consumers and developers already have in hand? CLOVR is designed for that reason in mind and we are confident this will make a difference in how the masses perceive and approach VR.”

– Jan Wong, Business Development at CLOVR


What future plans do you have for CLOVR?

“In the future, we foresee CLOVR becoming a cloud-based VR platform. Not only for games, but for any VR, AR or even MR content. It would be a platform that allows developers to create, publish and share their own content as well as an entertainment portal for consumers.”

– Albert Quek, Co-Founder and Tech Consultant at CLOVR


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We’ve seen a tremendous amount of disruptive change coming from the Virtual and Augmented Reality Industry. These few years are the first steps towards a prosperous future. It is surely certain that this kind of content will accelerate based on future trends.

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