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December 14, 2017

Rec Room – Complete Guide to Free Virtual Reality (VR) Fun

Ved Pitre VU Dream

Ved Pitre, VR & AR Writer

Rec Room is a phenomenal social network VR game from Against Gravity and is available on the Vive, Rift, and PSVR.

Rec Room VR Fun Free Against Gravity

There are so many different activities in the game that we decided to make an in-depth guide for people to read. In this guide, we have detailed descriptions of each activity. We talk about what the game does well and what it can improve on as a formidable game in the VR space.


Rec Room Quest Cauldron Crimson Curse

Curse of the Crimson Cauldron

Featuring weird dancing trolls with mighty cannons. Easily one of the most action-packed Rec Room quests. Stay back and snipe the enemies with your bow or go up close and personal with a boom with the explosive stick. My favorite combination is the shield and crossbow. Protect yourself from any potential bombs.

At the end of the level is the most interesting thing I have seen in VR. All the trolls have grenade launchers and dance around the fire trying to murder you. It’s super fun. I wish Rec room would implement a better movement system for high action paced moments.

Rise of Jumbotron Quest Rec Room VR

Rise of Jumbotron Quest

Rise of Jumbotron Quest is my favorite Rec Room activity. You hop into a futuristic looking lobby with 3 other players filled with pistols, assault rifles, snipers, and shotguns. Once your team is ready you are immediately plunged into a world with angry laser shooting bots.

I highly recommend starting off with a machine gun as you can position yourself in the back and give your team back up from the bots. My favorite feature of this gun is the sight that you can use to grab the other end with your other hand and aim down the sight.  

On my most eventful quests, I matched in a lobby with 3 other charismatic adventurers. We made it through 9 levels and developed a high-five clapping virtual reality pact for life. Overall, I highly recommend playing this quest. Play it strategically and help your rec mates!

Rec Room Golden Trophy Virtual Reality VR

Golden Trophy      

Golden Trophy has similar enemies and a familiar landscape as Curse of the Cauldron. Bow and arrow are highly recommended due to flying bots that shoot exploding fireballs. Duck, kneel and dodge fireballs.

I had an extremely intense moment in VR where the flying creatures surrounded me and I had a shield and dodged all of the fireballs while jumping and ducking. I bashed one of the flying creatures with my shield but then it got up and killed me.

Rec Room Paintball Activity VR Virtual Reality


There are six different maps you can choose from:

  • River
  • Homestead
  • Quarry
  • Clearcut
  • Spillway

There are two modes in paintball, capture the flag and team deathmatch. For capture the flag, I prefer to stay on defense, protecting the flag. With the game controls, it is difficult to run around on offense.

You start out the game with a pistol. But you can pick different guns and items on the map. I was surprised by the wide of array of weapons to choose from.

Weapon Arsenal includes:

  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Sniper
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Grenade
  • Shield
Rec Room Laser Tag Upgrades Free

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is very similar to the Quest of Jumbotron.

Battle a combination of bots and real live multiplayer friends in a futuristic neon arena. Players can teleport around with a shotgun and wreck the game or use a sniper in the back and provide covering fire for your team.

Dodgeball Rec Room VR


The goal of this game is quite simple, tag the other player with the ball before they tag you. When you begin the game, you start at the end of the court and have to teleport to the center to grab the ball.

Reaching for the ball can be confusing, my first time I ended up bending all the way down to grab it. All you need to do is aim your controller towards the ball and it will highlight in green and should be able to pick it up.

The game can become really immersive leading to you running around dodging everything.

Rec Room Soccer VR


Not recommended to play soccer in Rec Room until the control scheme is changeable. When I was ported to the soccer field it didn’t feel right. Your ability to teleport and try to hit the lagging ball with everyone else teleporting wasn’t too much fun.

Sticking to a high action paced game mode is my preference when playing Rec room.

Rec Room Disc Golf

Disc Golf

The goal of the game is to get the frisbee to the goal post. There are several obstructions in the way that can cause your frisbee to fly off like winds or walls.

Disc Golf is one of my least favorite of the list of games in Rec Room. It is really hard to control the frisbee when throwing it. The slightest mistake could send your disc flying in the wrong direction.

Rec Room Dorm Room HTC vive OCulus Rift Windows Mixed Reality

Dorm Room

In between games, one of the rooms you can hang out in is the dorm room. There are several activities in the dorm room that some of which you wouldn’t expect to be there.

Activities include:

  • Character Customizer
  • Basketball
  • Darts
  • 3D Gun
  • Whiteboard

When you enter the dorm room, you will have your back to the door to the recreation room. The character customizer is on the dresser to your left. In the customizer, you are able to change your avatar’s clothes, skin color, hair color, hairstyle and accessories.

To the right of the dresser is a small basketball hoop with a basketball lying on the ground. Nothing too interesting about it, just a bit of fun.

If you look behind you, from the dresser, you will see a desk. On that desk, there are 2 cups, a bottle of water, two darts and a glue gun. You can interact with all of these objects. With the glue gun, you can make 3D objects and play around with them. You can throw the darts around the room and drink from the water bottle.

Finally, there is a ladder to the left of the dresser which leads to a small upper floor. On that upper floor, there is a whiteboard with several markers and an eraser on the floor. You can draw all over the board and it feels a lot more realistic than you would think.


Check back on this page frequently for updates and additions.

Rec Room by Against Gravity is one of the most fun VR games!

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