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October 10, 2017

Shoot Flying Drones and Cowboys in the Most Cynically Hilarious VR Steampunk Game Yet

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream
Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream
Like most of you, I love playing virtual reality games on my HTC Vive.
Unfortunately, it seems like many games use the same concepts as all the others. Which is why when I run across a game that is genuine and authentic I like to share it.
Guns ’N’ Stories is currently an early access game available on Steam & Oculus. It only costs $9.99 but they also have a free demo version on steam now.
You start off as a curious boy asking your grandpa about his gun, which unfolds the entire story. Grandpa narrates the story in real-time as enemies are rushing towards you.
This isn’t your everyday wave shooter. Get your workout in by ducking, dodging and shooting the incoming fire from foes.
Reach killstreaks by ending your enemies before they touch you. Immerse yourself in the extra bonus abilities like double kill and rampage.

Gun Arsenal

Gun Arsenal
Personally, my favorite part of this game is the beautiful cartoon realistic graphics. Additionally, I love the narration and story of the game and how it integrates into the game so well.
“They sure didn’t know that today’s weather forecast included lead precipitation.” – Grandpa
Sometimes, Grandpa mentions something to you and then all a sudden you’re upgraded from a revolver to an akimbo set of automatic guns.
This isn’t your everyday wave-based shooter. Guns ‘N’ Stories features an amazing storyline with humor and charisma, unique weapons to the game to spice up each level with much more to come.
I love the opponents animations and how realistic they move. It adds to the gameplay and immersion itself. This isn’t your everyday cheap wave shooter. Mirowin has methodically thought out each part of this well-made game.
Like any VR game, I think this could be even more popular if the developers listen to the community and put in consistent effort updating the game.
I would suggest to the developers to add some sort of teleportation or even free movement but that isn’t always possible.
I sat down with the creators of Guns ’N’ Stories to ask them a few questions about their new release.
Where did the idea for Guns ‘N’ Stories come from? 
At first, we had a lot of brainstorm meetings with our team. There were almost 40 different ideas for the game. But then Bill came up and we realized that he is our hero. Players love guns, westerns, shooters and an engaging story, that’s exactly what Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof is about.
What inspired you to create a VR experience for your first game?
Nowadays almost everyone feels exciting about virtual reality. It goes for players as well as for developers themselves. We think that we have a chance right now to move up with this technology and build a new gaming future for many players. It’s a chance to show the industry what Mirowin is capable of.
Do you think it’s a bit risky to create a VR game?
We think that if the product is great quality, it will be competitive on the market. Risks will always be there but they are manageable. As we like to say inside MiroWin studio: “Those who do not risk cannot win”.
What distinguishes Guns ‘N’ Stories from other VR wave-shooter games?
An engaging story with unexpected events, lots of humor, creative art and mechanical designs for weapons, level of details and variety. As the game designer puts it “I entered MiroWin family not long ago, but I fall in love with art style from the very first day.”
What future plans do you have for Guns ‘N’ Stories?
To improve on previous mechanics and find new interesting ways to interact in VR through gameplay. We would also like to continue Bill’s story, maybe add new elements from other settings. And we definitely want to add new features to the game based on our fans’ feedback.
Art Director: Oh, I am planning to create new amazing facial animations so that Guns’n’Stories could look even better.
Do you have any feedback for the developers? Contact them on their website Mirowin. Check out this game on Steam and Oculus.


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