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Tech Breakthrough: 12k VR Now Possible on Wi-Fi or LTE

Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream

March 23, 2017

Visbit, is a visual technology company enabling 360-degree video and VR content creators to deliver the highest possible quality streaming and viewing experiences to consumers across many VR platforms.
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On March 22, during IEEE VR Summit 2017 Visbit announced a technical breakthrough it had in research and development showcasing streaming in 12K 360-degree VR video. With today’s available hardware with regular Wi-Fi or LTE.

Today, 360-degree videos are mostly streamed at 1080p and occasionally at 4K. You rarely hear of 6K video streaming, so 12K, a resolution that is very close to the acuity of 20/20 human vision, is unheard of, especially when streaming on today’s regular Wi-Fi and LTE conditions. There have been advancements in networking technology, such as Intel and Ericsson’s recent demo of a 5G prototype to support 8K VR live streaming from a local server at Mobile World Congress this year, but average consumers won’t have 5G at home for years to come. With our Visbit View-Optimized Streaming technology, 12K video in 360-degrees can run on today’s networks with existing hardware, meaning that viewers can now zoom in and focus on granular details with today’s 2.5K HMD screen and achieve a viewing experience equal to 12K. This unlocks a whole new user experience for viewing 360-degree VR video, as well as new possibilities for content creation.

- Dr. Changyin (CY) Zhou

Co-Founder and CEO, Visbit

This huge milestone and technological breakthrough will enable a more immersive experience and allow VR video content creators and publishers to produce and distribute higher than 6K resolution VR video content.
Using Visbit’s View-Optimized Streaming (VVOS) technology, users can zoom in and focus on specific details, such as the plays or jersey number of an athlete during a sporting event, the names of storefronts in a city tour video or on minute details in a surgery being studied.
By double-tapping the control panel and zooming in, viewers can also increase the feeling of interaction and mobility, getting one step closer to the engaging experience they crave with Mobile VR.
This technology is possible due to patented Visbit View-Optimized Streaming (VVOS) technology. Visbit is the first to offer a streaming service that can deliver and play 360 VR videos without noticeable latency in 4-8K resolution over regular Wi-Fi and LTE for mobile and tethered VR headsets.
Visbit VR
Visbit’s technology allows 360-degree VR video to be viewed without downloading or heavy compression, which improves user experience, increases user reach and saves data usage – closing the gap between VR content requirements and typical network speed capabilities.
Visbit’s streaming service is currently available in closed beta for use on mobile VR platforms, including the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus and Google Cardboard. The open beta version is expected to launch later this year.
Sign up for the beta list here.


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