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May 12th, 2018

Throw Cherry Pies at Donald Trump, President of USA in Virtual Reality (VR)

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream

Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream

Pasadena, California-based creative studio SunnyBoy Entertainment has launched its first original satire-driven virtual reality game titled “Humble Pie.”
The interactive VR game transports players to a dimly lit, virtual rendition of the iconic White House Oval Office for a late-night pie standoff with the President of the United States. The game was previewed at the 2018 SXSW VRcade at the Mashable House, which celebrates the best of past, present and future cultural moments and tech innovations as well as VRLA 2018.
“Humble Pie” is now available for download via Steam for HTC VIVE and OCULUS RIFT for $0.99, click HERE to download.
“Humble Pie” is a three-round game designed to entertain and serve as a comical form of “VR Therapy,” fusing a parody with immersive gameplay features, providing a laughable antidote to relentless political headlines. Humble Pie inserts players into a late-night confrontation with a demanding snack-obsessed POTUS armed with nothing but courage and a stack of freshly baked cherry pies.
In all three rounds, the player must toss and land pies on the President to proceed to the next round. If he is hit with five, he will stumble and fall to the floor in a sugar-induced trance. By the third round, two pie-wielding Secret Service agents emerge to defend the President and the player must now also duck and dodge to avoid being taken out by cherry pies hurdling back toward them.
Notes SunnyBoy Entertainment Co-Founder and Creative Director Craig Phillips, “‘Humble Pie’ started as a fun experiment between two of our employees, Kevin Shah and Ethan Stickley, who began developing it on the side. Once we played their prototype, we saw the promise of the game and immediately greenlit it for full production.”
The storyline, VFX, and game-engine interactivity were created in-house. The full-service creative studio leveraged its expertise in re-creating beloved entertainment worlds in VR and building dynamic virtual environments and game characters with their own satirical spin. The experience’s retro 8-bit sounds track was created by Tobey Forsman of Whipsong Music. This ‘first-person-tossing’ franchise will ultimately expand to include high-profile individuals beyond politics who could benefit from a healthy dose of humble pie.
Adds SunnyBoy Entertainment Co-Founder and Creative Director Harold Hayes Jr., “This satirical game is about making you smile with the power of VR. Who doesn’t want to have some clean fun throwing pies at the President? It’s virtual therapy!”
SunnyBoy Entertainment will continue to add original content to its impressive slate of VR projects following the launch of “Humble Pie.” Recent top-tier VR experiences for blockbuster film franchises for the Hollywood studios include Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema’s “IT” Float that debuted at Comic-Con 2017, “IT: Escape From Pennywise” that was nominated for a Webby Award 2018, “Annabelle Creation: Bee’s Room,” “The Conjuring 2: Experience Enfield” and 20th Century Fox’s “The Greatest Showman: Come Alive 360,” among others.


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