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February 8th, 2018

Tokyo Government uses VR to Promote Tourism

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream

Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream

Traveling is an adventure. But, so is sitting on my couch in a virtual reality simulation as well. You might disagree with me but many people don’t believe spending the money is worth the trip.
Many countries are using technology to increase tourism rates in declining regions and the entire country if need be.
In efforts to promote individual foreign travelers in Tokyo to explore the country, specifically Chugoku and Shikoku. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has mapped out sightseeing routes originating from Tokyo. Using 360 video to promote public relations featuring the diverse characteristics of western Japan.
Japan’s Government is pleased to announce the launch of 360-degree virtual reality videos, which provide immersive experiences, as a compliment to the “CHUGOKU+SHIKOKU x TOKYO” website.
This 360-degree project introduces the charms of Tokyo and the regions of Chugoku and Shikoku as a combination of must-see wonders.
The Hama-rikyu Gardens are among the most famous gardens in Tokyo, a quiet oasis surrounded by tower buildings. After enjoying beautiful landscaped gardens, visit the Kazurabashi Bridge of Iya in Tokushima Prefecture, a suspension bridge over a gorge used for dairy services. The scenery of majestic nature you will see while crossing this bridge is simply magnificent. This journey will allow you to thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of scenic beauty.
“Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and in preparation for the event, as well as continued tourism promotion afterwards, the government has created several immersive sightseeing routes for visitors to see prior to arrivingThere are currently ten immersive 360-degree video available, split evenly between Spring and Summer categories. Videos for Spring include Full of Surprises, which looks at cuisine, and Boat Tours, which, you guessed it, are short clips of tours on boats. While for Summer there’s Summer Waters, all about relaxation and keep cool, and Fantastic Fireworks, showcasing some of the displays visitors will be able to see.”


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We’ve seen a tremendous amount of disruptive change coming from the Virtual and Augmented Reality Industry. These few years are the first steps towards a prosperous future. It is surely certain that this kind of content will accelerate based on future trends.

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