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September 8, 2017

Top 25 Free Samsung Gear VR Games You Can Download Right Now in 2017

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream

Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream

Single Player
FindingVR Oculus
FindingVR is a first-person action/adventure game designed exclusively for VR. Solve puzzles using your intelligence and dexterity, embark on adventures as you explore the virtual world and revel in the sense of achievement as you complete missions, and feel the rush of intense boss battles!
Your mission is to find out what happened to this world, and figure out how to save it. Start by defeating enemies who stand in your way, then find your way of the dungeon and defeat the final boss of each chapter to move onto the next stage. You can use either the Touchpad or a Gamepad to play this exciting, deep, VR game. Finding VR might be the most challenging game you can play using only the Touchpad in Gear VR yet!

Space Dodge

Single Player
Space Agent lets you assume the role of an airship pilot in the far distant future. You’ll embark on a journey to execute a secret mission and travel across the galaxy in the process. The difficulties you’ll face will only depend on your piloting ability.
Take flight!

Herobound Gladiators

The World of Herobound is at peace… but the thirst for battle remains! Join up with 3 other players and battle hordes of enemies in Herobound Gladiators!
Fight through 16 different arenas in 4 different environments in the struggle to determine the fiercest Hero in the world. Test your skills against over 30 enemies and 4 unique bosses from the Herobound universe. Increase your skills by unlocking new combat abilities and powerful Spirit Powers – amazing abilities that can instantly turn the tide of battle!
Show off your Hero’s unique personality by dressing one of the 6 playable characters in one of the over 30 unlockable hats and swords.
Join up and dominate with your friends or meet new ones every time you play. Defeat enemies and raise your ranks to become the mightiest in the land – the Spirit Gladiator!


Single Player
Now with Gear VR Controller support!
You have come to Bait! Island to help your boss catch a rare fish, and thereby save the struggling aquarium where you work.
During the game, you will catch a lot of different fish and make friends with the locals. Will you be able to keep your loyalties both to your new friends and to your boss?
Gameplay spans four different lakes, each with a distinct style and its own unique set of fishes. Can you catch them all?

Sky Fighter: Training Day

Single Player
Training day is the first free mission of Sky Fighter, you can get extra missions through in-game missions purchases.
Earth: In the not so distant future….
Today is your first day of training, pay attention and do not disappoint your instructor.
You must learn to use your Sky Fighter armor equipped with four basic systems: Propulsion, protection, stabilization and shooting. Successfully complete your training and try not to destroy your armor.
Sky Fighter is a powerful and sophisticated combat armor, equipped with an air propulsion and powerful combat systems, in this first adventure your personal instructor, Lt. Rita Velasco, will teach you everything you need to control of your Sky Fighter.

PolyRunner VR

Single Player
PolyRunner VR is an addictive, high-quality experience that tests your skills against an other-worldly, ever-changing landscape rather than testing your ability to maintain control of your stomach. This engaging virtual world offers more interesting, challenging terrain the further you progress. All the while, you can collect bonus points for your precision by navigating through checkpoints and utilizing boosts to give you an extra edge. The intuitive controls make it easy for anyone to compete in this spaceship runner, but mastering flight skills is a feat that will earn you a place among the top guns and make you worthy of a personal theme song that would inspire jealousy in any maverick pilot. Will you accept the challenge?

Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR

Single Player
In this official Suicide Squad film game, you have been selected to lead a special task force comprised of highly dangerous incarcerated Super Villains. It is up to you and your Squad of antiheroes to defeat the horde of enemies that try to stop you. Fight as Harley Quinn with her signature baseball bat, or as Deadshot with his rifle or as Diablo with fire.
Can you complete the mission?
Are you Squad enough?
  • Experience the Suicide Squad in VR!
  • Survive as long as you can against increasingly challenging enemies.
  • Play as Harley, Deadshot and Diablo.
  • Go for the highscore by hitting combos.
  • Defend multiple locations in Midway City.

Intracranial Infiltration 3D Shooting – Motivator

Single Player
Intracranial Infiltration 3D Shooting – Motivator – is an exhilarating 3D shooting game. Take down the lethargy virus to restore people’s spirit! Story: In the year 2044, an unknown lethargy virus causes people to lose their Spirit. Quickly this pandemic spirals out of control. One year passes and the International Disease Research Center develops an antibody nanomachine capable of attacking the virus directly through the brain, destroying the disease at its source. The machine’s name is Motivator and restoring the Spirit of mankind relies solely on your piloting skills… Are you up to the task?

Mr Cat’s Adventure

Single Player
Welcome to “Mr Cat’s Adventure”, a turn-based puzzle solving adventure game. A series of adventure stories take place in a dreamy space. The game puzzle is exquisite, smart, and perfectly designed. You need to pass through the trees and subterranean caves carefully, gingerly avoid deadly traps, exterminate monsters and then solve the puzzle. Enjoy your heartbeat and achievement, my friend! The incredible pictures combined with VR device will provide you a extraordinary visual experience. This game world is filled with strange creatures, varied adventures and surprise. Are you ready? Finally, we have developed this game in our spare time, hoping to make you feel interesting.

One-Man VurgeR

Single Player
It’s so busy running a hamburger shop alone! George (your character in the game), can recognize how long his customers are willing to wait for their hamburgers and sees them as “time-bombs.”George tries to run his hamburger shop cheerfully, but surprise, some customers are bears!


Zombie Strike

Single Player
The zombie apocalypse has brought humanity to its knees and the living are all but lost. The land runs rampant with the undead, and it’s up to you to claim it back! Z-STRIKE puts you at the helm of a powerful drone as you shoot your way through increasingly treacherous waves of zombie hordes in a desperate attempt to save the last of mankind. Take to the skies in the dead of night with your drone and protect your bunker and the survivors running to take safety.
Use your superior targeting skills and powerful weapons to take out the hordes of undead: slow shamblers, hulking beasts, and agile jumpers alike. The longer you’re fighting, the greater the challenge becomes, as their numbers only grow with time. Survival is dependent on your skill, precision and the advanced weapon upgrades you gain throughout your missions. Hope for the future rests on your shoulders! Will you rise to the challenge? Features: – Weapon Upgrades – Multiple Terrains – Immersive Environments – Zombies!

Dragon Front

Control one of seven devout factions as a banished deity to change the past and restore order to the shattered world. This immersive collectible card-battler mixes high fantasy with World War II on a 4x4 grid battlefield that is alive with rampaging giants, intimidating war-machines, and soaring projectiles. Assemble your forces on the frontlines!
* NEW! Single-Player Story Mode—Live the Conquest through the eyes of the seven factions!
* Online Multiplayer – Head-tracking and VOIP brings players from all over the world head-to-head on the battlefield.
* 7 Thematically Diverse Factions – Each army is equipped with unique powers, traits and strategies.
* Collectible Cards – Construct your 30 card deck from over 460 battle-hardened soldiers, defensive fortifications that evolve the battlefield, and a wide array of spells.
* Champion System – Legendary champions helm your army to ensure an epic come-back in the late minutes of every game.

Age of Diamonds

Single Player
Age of Diamonds is a classic arcade game for mobile VR headsets. It offers a great blend between pure arcade “breakout” like game-play, and original physics and logic based puzzles. Your goal is to collect all the soul-diamonds in the level. Diamonds are locked in the beginning of the level and it takes the shattering of all the bricks in the game for the diamonds to unlock. However, that’s where the game gets interesting, as 60 different levels will present different challenges making the shattering of the different bricks a challenging task.

Play With Me

Single Player
Let yourself wake up in a mysterious house looking empty, well, “quite” empty.
“Play With Me” is a project made by students aiming to a total immersion in its scary adventure.
In this game you’ll only count on your instinct to guide you trough this nightmare, but do not ever try to defy him, he’s the only one allowed to play with you.
PS : Better played on a rotating chair or stood up.
Please try to have a good night in spite of this.


Skylight is a VR turn-based tactics game of colossal space battles.
On the bridge of your flagship, a holographic projector shows your fleet floating in space, facing the enemy and awaiting your orders. Command nimble squadrons of fighters, specialized frigates, and giant capital ships as you orchestrate your forces toward victory.
Play through 30 Campaign missions, create your own in Skirmish mode, or play a Multiplayer match against your friends or a random stranger! The multiplayer is turn-based, so you don’t need to be online at the same time as your opponent. You can input your fleet’s orders on your own time and come back to continue playing the match later!
Skylight is the 3rd VR game from E McNeill, creator of the award-winning Gear VR games Darknet and Tactera.

Slice & Dice

Single Player
VR Expo 2017 – Best Creative Game Awards
VR Expo 2017 – Best Made With Unity Awards.
Made with Unity Awards 2017 – Top 3 of VR Game
Currently, we have 100 stages and more than 20 hours play time for average players. Free version only has 20 stages to play.
Slice & Dice is a VR puzzle game where the objective is to place the ‘Dice’ into the ‘Dice hole’. The player can find the ‘Dice hole’ on the floor of each stage. There are various kinds of ‘Cubes’ and different cubes have various physical properties. The dice is stacked on the cubes and the player must solve the puzzles and cut through the cubes to move the dice into the dice hole. As the player progresses through each stage, the number of the floors within the stage increases.
This game provides enjoyment not only to the player but thanks to the cooperative nature of solving puzzles, also the viewers will enjoy it through advice and coaching as there are multiple ways to solve the levels.

Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried for Gear VR is a mobile version of the Rift+Touch game of the same name. Players will use their Gear VR Controller to fend off hordes of ghouls in the Old Saloon and compete against other players in multiplayer Quickdraw duels.
The launch version is just a small taste of what’s to come. More game modes, characters, weapons and more will be available in the full version coming later this year.


Single Player
Virtual reality app for the TV-series “Hindafing”
How did former mayor Alfons Zischl die? Was he perhaps murdered? Welcome to the 360° VR world of Hindafing, the new cult series of “Bayerischer Rundfunk”.
The game for fans, detective story lovers, 360° and VR enthusiasts: 5 original scenes of the series of “Hindafing” 50 items and all relevant information so that the case can be resolved.
Slip into the role of police officer Elke and find out all about the mysterious background of the unexpected death of the old mayor Alfons Zischl senior.
The game combines trans-media narrative structure with virtual 360° reality. In good tradition of Point & Click Adventures, the police officer Elke, known from the TV series “Hindafing”, solves the circumstances of the sudden death of the deceased mayor. Help her to figure out all the indications and hidden clues to find the killer.

Space Battle

Single Player
This app requires a Gear VR controller.
The player begins the experience as a pilot to carry out the task of removing the enemy’s huge battleship. Moving through the snowy mountains and cities, you will fight against enemy forces. The simulator runs as you are on a fighter, and the experience takes about 3 minutes.

Word Search VR

Single Player
A classic game makes its way to VR, bringing with it a level of challenge and immersion that only VR can provide. You are placed inside a sphere of letters and must find the words hidden within. Choose from categories with vibrant themes, each featuring several puzzles to keep you entertained. Go ahead, jump into a whole new universe of word games with Word Search VR.

Break a Leg

Single Player
— Gear VR controller required —
An unknown species has kidnapped you to unleash the ultimate power of the Galaxy. Only a human magician from planet Earth is able to unleash its force by going through the ancient book of Stellar Tricks written by Houdini’s Great Aunt Maggie herself. Will you have the skills to master this universal force?
Break a Leg is an interactive experience designed for Virtual Reality and the new Gear VR controller. Built from the ground up with apelab’s SpatialStories VR creation tools. It gets its inspiration from the magic shows of the 19th Century and immerses you in the offbeat adventures of an improvised magician who will have to go through multiple stages of a conjurer’s performance without missing a beat.
This is the free First Chapter of the full experience coming out Q3 2017. Let the show begin….

They Live to DESTROY!

Single Player
Towering monsters besiege mankind! Harness the diabolical power of super science to become the ultimate monster mastermind!
Construct your secret island lair, and then conquer all who have ever opposed you with nefarious alien technology and an army of unspeakable horrors.
• Create, upgrade, and personalize your own unique fiendish metropolis!
• Collect and control 40 unstoppable monstrosities!
• Raid and defend against opposition from around the globe for profit and glory!
• Photograph your monsters in action to document your cruel path to total world domination!
You control them, and… THEY LIVE TO DESTROY!

Sea Hero Quest

Single Player
Jump on board, strap on your galoshes and set sail for arctic rivers, golden shores and mystic marches to capture elusive and mysterious creatures. SEA HERO QUEST VR is the world’s first VR game where anyone can help scientists fight dementia.
One of the first symptoms of dementia is loss of navigational skills, and through our mobile game SEA HERO QUEST we have already gathered a substantial amount of data. Now science would love to deepen insights into how people navigate.
As you play, your navigational data is tracked anonymously and stored securely to create the world’s largest and most precise crowd sourced data to help benchmark human spatial navigation. Created by GLITCHERS, presented by Deutsche Telekom and supported by scientists from University College London and University of East Anglia, SEA HERO QUEST VR is an epic culmination of science and VR gameplay that will continue to change the way dementia research is done forever.


Single Player
Immerse yourself as Valentina, a cosmonaut aboard a ship in the company of Konstantin, the AI that oversees and takes care of you while doing daily tasks for your mission. But as the days go by, your perception of reality can be affected. Will you embrace it? Break free? Or find an answer somewhere else?
From the creators of Finding Monsters Adventure and Rock & Rails, ANGEST is a story-driven game where your actions can affect the narrative, making each experience unique. A surreal journey presented by Black River Studios to play in the Gear VR.


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