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September 12, 2017

Top 5 Virtual Reality Arcades in America in 2017

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream
Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream
Virtual Reality arcades are popping up left and right.
I get so excited when I see VR at my local mall or shopping plaza. It’s a reminder of how much virtual reality has advanced.
Hopefully, this trend will increase and virtual reality will be a household term around the world.
Today, I have for you the BEST virtual reality arcades in the United States of America as of September, 2017.

5. VR World NYC

VR World Opening 6.21.117
I visited VR World NYC a couple months ago and it was quite the immersive experience. The NY-based company claims they are the largest virtual reality center on this side of the planet.
One of the best things about visiting is the extremely friendly staff who act as guides that provide first class assistance as you travel to the metaverse.
Games I played:
  • Raw Data
  • Serious Sam – The Last Hope
  • Brookhaven Experiment
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Tilt Brush (on a green screen)
  • Superhot
  • Space Pirate Trainer
  • Thumper
  • Ogre Archery
  • Rick & Morty
  • Flight Simulator on ICAROS
  • Richie’s Plank Experience
  • Racing Driving Simulator


One of the first few arcades in the area, IMAX has paved the way for virtual reality arcade standards. Currently, IMAX VR is located at Kips Bay in Manhattan and Los Angeles across from the Grove.
IMAX introduces the arcade on the website with –
“Your experience begins the moment you step inside the sleek, social and futuristic lounge of the IMAX Experience Centre where you will prepare to have your mind blownEnter one of our IMAX VR Experience pods, strap on your headset and literally escape into an adventure. Our uniquely designed pods track your every movement so anywhere you look your senses are bombarded with stunning, otherworldly vistas and 360°, over-the-ear soundIMAX VR also features unique haptic feedback from industry-leading control devices – meaning you will feel every shot’s recoil, every sword’s swoosh, every arrow leaving the bow.”
It’s time to level up.

3. Omniverse

Omniverse VR
”Omniverse represents an opportunity for us to launch our game on more than a thousand commercial entertainment systems at once, without the hassle of individual licensing agreements. We are excited to release Affected on the Omniverse platform and reach a worldwide audience in places that we hadn’t been able to capture before.”
– Mark Paul, Co-Founder of Fallen Planet Studios.
Omniverse offers a variety of VR experiences that include Active VR and Room Scale VR. Omniverse is located 25 minutes south of Downtown Houston in League City, TX.
Active VR experiences involve use of our VR treadmills, like those from Virtuix.  Room scale VR allows the participant to move around in an open area to enhance the immersive-ness of the experience.  
Omniverse VR is a VR arcade that utilizes the Omniverse VR Motion Platform and the Omniverse Platform (software) to provide Active VR experiences for our guests.
The Omniverse Platform is a game changer in that no VR hardware provider today has a vertically integrated experience (akin to Apple) except for Virtuix.
  • They have the VR hardware (plus the headset from HTC) providing Active VR
  • They have negotiated the content licensing (e.g. App Store)
  • They have the device/station management software for self-service by the VR participant
  • They have the management console so that as an operator I can monitor and configure devices as well get business-level analytics
Survive waves of robots by shooting the attackers before they destroy the various Power Cores in the Arena. The game includes both single and multiplayer gameplay (note: multiplayer via LAN only). 

2. Mindtrek

Imagine a game that doesn’t feel like a game. Where your body is the controller and your mind believes it’s real. The digital and real world meshed seamlessly together, to transport you inside the virtual like never before. When you move, the game moves with you. Pure immersive mayhem with the freedom to get up and go.
Locations currently in Woburn, MA.
Coming Soon: Marlborough, MA, NJ, PA
Compete against your friends and protect your fort from hordes of killer zombies!
How will you fare against killer robots and drones?
Be prepared to have your reality turned upside down in Engineerium!


Locations in Dubai, NYC, Lidon, and Toronto.
It’s hyper-reality. It’s technical achievement.
THE VOID is a whole-body, fully immersive VR experience, full of surprises at every turn; with you, your family and friends inside the action. One second you’re standing on solid ground, the next you’re stepping deep into darkness, looking at unimaginable beauty – or fending off danger from another realm.
I had the honor of experiencing the Ghostbuster Dimension and it blew me away. (sometimes literally)
Virtual Reality that you can feel. Touch a real wall. Grab a real railing. Then feel a breeze across your face as the experience begins. Suddenly: who are these creatures? What is that sound? Take your Proton Blaster and save the world. You’re inside THE VOID, with your entire mind and body immersed in virtual worlds where reality and imagination mix in breathtaking, hyper-realistic experiences.


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