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There are too many games available in the market today. It is virtually impossible for any gamer to miss out on a genre that would resonate with their tastes and preferences. However, despite the number of games, there are, not all of them are as realistic. A little fantasy is good, but if you can get completely immersed in a world of realistic games, then there is not a better experience than that. Here is a list of the top realistic video games of all time:

War of Rights

The War of Rights is a multiplayer game based on the American Civil War ancient times, with the highest level of historical accuracy and realism throughout.

Grand Theft Auto IV and V

A lot of the things human beings do can be done in this game. You can take showers, rob stores, workout, have sex, drive cars, among many other activities.

Red Dead Redemption

The Red Dead Redemption game is based on a dying era in the old west. The graphics used are superb, especially on details like how the grass moves as you walk, or how you can take a drink in a bar and get all drunk.

The Works of Mercy

If you are looking for a realistic psychological thriller, the Works of Mercy is your game. The game is based on mysterious killings, where the player is the murderer of the various victims. From a virtual reality chair, you can share in the ideologies of Roman Polanski’s “Repulsion,” “The Tenant,” which inspired this game.


Identity is among the modern-day games that give you a very realistic first or third person view. Technically, you have the freedom to do almost anything you want. This game is not based on levels, but primarily on perk progression. You can live the kind of life you choose to, based on several characters, including an honest civilian, a criminal, police officer, paramedic, among many others.

Deadliest Warrior

If you are an intense game lover, then the Deadliest Warrior works for you. This game makes fighting way too realistic. Notice that limbs can be hacked off to make opponents bleed to death, and swords to the neck will send skulls rolling. This is about as realistic as it gets.

Assetto Corsa

The Assetto Corsa game is suited for gamers who love racing stimulation. You get much immersed in this game when you have a racing wheel like the Logitech G29 so you can play well.

The Fallout series

The Fallout series is a game set out in the world after a nuclear war. The game lore is super authentic with mutated animals and people to get your feel-good hormones all over the place.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories

While being chased by naked and faceless creatures in a frozen world is not exactly as lifelike, the game lore is. Ideally, you do not have a gun, knife or weapon to use against your enemies. The best you can do is run, hide, or scare them off temporarily with a road flare. It is one game that calls for a lot of brain work to get by. The authenticity of the game is found in how vulnerable you are throughout the game, leaving you scared and confused all the time.

Project Cars

Project Cars is another game that will give you a racing thrill. Its presentation is matchless, not to mention the fantastic weather stimulations, including dynamic and static settings, and various types of precipitation except snow. The sound style of this game is also very impressive. You will experience changes in grip depending on track temperatures and day-night cycles, which is all mind-blowing.

That Dragon, Cancer

Cancer is obviously a big concern in the 21st century. This game is based on a true story made by a couple who experienced a loss of their son to cancer, four months after diagnosis. This game is deeply saddening and depressing, where plenty of friends and family go through Cancer. This is what makes it very lifelike and relatable.