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December 19, 2017

Meet Oscar Falmer, Creator of TweetReality Augmented Reality App

Reean Faisal VR & AR Content Creator

Reean Faisal, VR & AR Content Creator

Augmented reality is growing rapidly and it’s barely scratching the surface of it’s potential.
Apple’s ARKit is still new and opens the door for developers to create amazing apps such as TweetReality. Created by Oscar Falmer, TweetReality takes your Twitter and displays it in front of you like a futuristic dashboard. Everything from your tweets, search, profiles, favorites, mentions, and more are all displayed on your iPhone’s camera.
This is the first app to take Twitter and display it in real time around you and your surroundings. Possible only by using Apple’s newest ARKit, giving developers the ability to create amazing apps.
Meet Oscar Falmer, Creator of the First AR App For Twitter

Now, let’s imagine TweetReality 3 years from now on Apple’s rOS glasses blending in with your reality seamlessly. I had the opportunity to sit down with TweetReality’s creator, Oscar Falmer and ask him a few questions.

1. What made you want to pursue an app that puts Twitter in AR?

“Last summer, Apple released ARKit for iOS developers to make AR apps, so I tried a lot of apps and tried to think of an interesting idea. To think outside the box, I asked myself why did Apple create an ARKit? Then I thought that it was obviously for the upcoming Apple glasses in the next 1 to 2 years.  And what do we want with AR glasses? I thought about holographic interfaces that we see in movies like Avatar, I realized that the technology was ready and decided to build it for real. I also wanted to have an information based interface, I think that Twitter is a wonderful tool for that with a very good format, so I decided to use Twitter.”

2. What direction do you think the AR world is moving in?

“I think that the future of Augmented Reality is going to be incredible, we are going to experience information and interactions with people in a whole new dimension with very sophisticated technologies. We will probably be able to control what we see with fingers or just simply our brain. This is just the beginning, and Minority Report will be real.”

3. Why did you use Twitter for your first social network?

“Twitter has a very good format, I think it is one of the most powerful media and I realized it would look great in a futuristic interface. Also no one ever did an AR Twitter client before so that was a great opportunity.”

4. What was the hardest challenge during the creation of this app?

“The sphere aspect was definitely a hard part of it but as no one did anything similar to this with ARKit, there were a lof of components I had to create to make this idea real.”

5. What’s next for your Oscar?

“For now, I take notes about every feedback, haven’t made any decision yet but I am definitely thinking about the next step.”

6. What was the most exciting part of creating an augmented reality app?

“The most exciting part is to make holographic screens like we see in movies, a reality.”

7. How long has this been in the works before it finally launched?

“It took me 3 months as side of university for a total of 300 hours!”

My interview with Oscar was fantastic, he’s very excited about the direction the world is going with augmented and virtual reality. TweetReality is a fantastic app that takes social media to another level and this is only the beginning of a world where social media can be brought in real time.

As of the date of this post, TweetReality is an iOS app that works with iOS 11 or later on devices that are compatible with Apple’s ARKit. Including any iPhone 6s and above as well as the newest iPad Pro. Oh did we also mention it’s free.


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