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April 28th, 2018

VR Transforms Patience Experience with Limb Loss & Difference

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream

Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream

Hanger, Inc. is transforming the patient experience for people with limb loss and limb difference with the launch of MIGOTM, a first-of-its-kind virtual reality (VR) experience.
Hanger Inc VR
“As America’s industry leader in prosthetic care, we’re dedicated to investing in new technology to support those we serve. Producing this VR experience to further empower the limb loss and limb difference community is an example of our commitment to fulfilling the triple aim of healthcare, which equates to exceptional patient care and experience.”
– Vinit Asar, Hanger, Inc. President and CEO
The initial MIGO 360-degree immersive video experience offers users an opportunity to have a first-person point-of-view interaction with a fellow amputee. Users are able to experience a variety of activities, from walking down stairs and driving a car with two prosthetic legs, to cutting food with a prosthetic arm.
“Losing a limb can be highly traumatic, often compared to losing a loved one. I’m thrilled we’re now able to offer this new avenue for providing hope and inspiration, showing those with limb loss and limb difference what is truly possible with hard work, dedication, and the appropriate prosthetic devices.”
– Kevin Carroll, Vice President of prosthetics for Hanger Clinic
The initial rollout of MIGO VR took place in mid-April at Hanger Clinic’s 2018 Bilateral Above-Knee Amputee (BAKA) Bootcamp. Nearly 60 attendees simultaneously used the technology, immersing themselves in a virtual one-on-one peer mentorship experience and viewing what it’s like to be independent with prosthetic technology. A number of attendees were using wheelchairs and in the early stages of learning to walk with prostheses, so it was an impactful opportunity, as they had the chance to explore a more mobile future.
“I was amazed by this experience,” shared Yvonne Llanes, a BAKA Bootcamp attendee. “The word ‘hope’ came to my mind. This experience provides so much hope for those individuals with recent limb loss, and shows that anything is possible.”
Feedback from the initial rollout will be used during the development of a full-length MIGO VR experience that will feature a variety of prosthetic users of various ages and amputation levels performing a number of different activities. The extended Hanger Clinic MIGO VR experience is slated to rollout nationwide summer 2018.
More information on MIGO VR is available at www.HangerClinic.com/MIGO.


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