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December 4, 2017

VR App Visualizes Impact of Climate Change in San Francisco

Mark Metry Founder VU Dream

Mark Metry, Founder of VU Dream

Earth is important.
Humans live on earth. If the earth isn’t doing too well, then we aren’t doing too well.
Climate change is a serious issue that has already had catastrophic issues on our wonderful planet.
Imagine your favorite public places that you visit daily. Now imagine them submerged in water, destroyed and devoid of all life.

Climate Access Look Ahead SF

Imagine some of San Francisco’s most iconic locations submerged in water.
Hard to picture?
Not anymore.
Launched today, Look Ahead – San Francisco uses virtual reality to give a first-person look at the future sea level rise in three locations.
Future Sea-Level Rise San Francisco California virtual reality
The innovative new campaign is utilizing three locations across San Francisco; Embarcadero, Mission Creek, and Heron’s Head Park.
Look Ahead will also simulate how well those sites stand to benefit from various climate solutions
“The launch of the Look Ahead SF campaign and virtual reality app provides a new way for our City to raise awareness about future sea level rise and involve community members in efforts to increase our resilience and meet our climate action goals,”
– Mayor Edwin M. Lee.
Look Ahead app was developed by the nonprofit Climate Access in partnership with the City and County of San Francisco.
Users can access the app via Google Play or the Apple App Store onto smartphones or tablets.
The Look Ahead app also makes it easy to take steps to reduce risks from flooding as well as help cut the carbon emissions to 100% renewable energy.
“Virtual reality provides a powerful tool for communicating about climate risks and motivating action. The Look Ahead app makes it easy to understand what’s at stake and what’s possible, and for San Franciscans to share their opinions and get involved.” 
– Cara Pike, Climate Access.
Climate Access launches the Look Ahead campaign on Dec. 5 with a kickoff event at the Embarcadero site (at Howard St.) from 11am-12pm.
The event will include a media event with speakers from Climate Access, the City of San Francisco and project partners, and include a live demonstration of the virtual reality technology. The launch is open to the public and free Look Ahead cardboard VR glasses will be given out.
Climate Access worked with:
  • Tactic to develop the Look Ahead app and virtual reality scenarios
  • Nate Kauffman from the Climate Infrastructure + Resources Group on the conception of the scenarios
  • Nutter Consulting on the creation of the Look Ahead outreach campaign
Climate Access is collaborating with Susanne Moser of Dr. Susanne Moser Research and Consulting, and Christa Daniels of Antioch University to test the use of virtual reality in climate outreach through this project.
We all know what the future is going to look like if individuals like you and I don’t take action on climate change.


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